Midway Farms

Midway Farms contains a spacious, two-storey building.

Main Floor

The Great Room

The main floor features our spacious Great Room with a stone fireplace, beamed ceilings, couches, and a country décor. This room is great for relaxing or can serve as an informal meeting or break area.

The Dining Room

Connected to the Conference Center's Great Room, our Dining Room overlooks the beautiful countryside and offers a relaxing, yet uniquely elegant, dining environment.

The Upper Deck

The spacious Upper Deck surrounds our entire facility and overlooks a beautiful vista of lakes, corrals, woodlands and rolling fields.

Lower Floor

The Conference Room

Our plush modern Conference Room is equipped with a dry erase board, flip chart, TV/VCR, overhead and slide projector. It seats up to 40 people comfortably and has everything you will need to leave a lasting impression of your meeting or presentation.

The Lower Deck

The Lower Deck, which is connected to the Conference Room and overlooks one of Midway Farms' numerous lakes, is an ideal breakout area from meetings and presentations.

View from the lower deck